About Danitso

Danitso is a Danish company founded in 2013 by Dan Rudkjoebing Petersen after years of service as an IT consultant in public institutions in Denmark.

The motivation for this transition was the fact that most public institutions in Denmark are experiencing some of the same problems with their IT infrastructure. However, most of them have to deal with these problems on their own as there is only a limited amount of technical sparring across the municipal and governmental borders. This results in many of the problems being solved in more or less the same way, while also being accompanied by high fees every time. There simply has to be a better way of doing this, and this is where Danitso joins the picture.

Instead of solving the problems separately in each organization, Danitso focuses on solving them in a generic and flexible way. We even do this under an Open Source licensing model to encourage other organizations and individuals to contribute their work. We believe this is the best way to tear down these inefficient borders and fully embrace the new possibilities.